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You may not be able to resist the desire to contact us to add your site. But before doing so, please stop for a moment and look at the lists of the sites that we have added in the category that corresponds to you and think: Is my website at their level? and also did you read our slogan? "Simply the best sites are accepted".
We cannot add all the pornographic sites that exist!. It is not personal, just business. There are too many SEO and positioning companies that invade our emails requesting to add sites (SPAM) and use the short path to position sites without quality that pay for this, because webmasters and owners of these sites do not love what they do and they just want to go up to benefit economically without contributing anything to others.

  1. Your site must have time and stability (6 months at least)
  2. Don't send a long argument saying that your site is good. We will take care of validating that.

Yes, it is uncomfortable when we send an email and do not receive answers. But we can assure you that we read all emails, however we cannot answer them all, for that there is the section FAQs or "Frequently Asked Questions". Maybe you haven't taken the time to read (Well, English is bad, I know, it's a Google machine translation). Our webmasters filter the emails, check the sites and if they consider relevant to make a link exchange, hard link or present a good offer (0% Spam, Sales of services or Affiliations).

We have a minimal advertising policy on the site to maintain a high user experience and somehow we have to pay webmasters and other overhead. The answer is: Yes, there are cases where we sell links to online stores and related sites that offer some additional service to our visitors.
Terms and Conditions

  1. Minimum contract of 6 months.
  2. Dofollow link
  3. We have no refund policy
  4. Your site will always be in the agreed place.
  5. We do not guarantee high traffic, but it is good. We recommend and you retain and convince them to buy your product.
  6. We reserve the right to cancel a contract, but in that case we will refund the remaining amount.
  7. We accept payments through paypal and paxum

Before contacting us, please read the FAQs

Copyright Policy Reporting Claims of Copyright Infringement.
toplist18.com undertakes to respond to notices of alleged copyright infringements that comply with the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DCMA) or any other applicable laws or intellectual property laws. In response it would proceed to the removal of the content that is alleged to be the subject of an infringement.

toplist18.com is an adult content site where third party content is shared, so that we do not know the people who appear in them and those who publish it on the networks.

Our policy is to respect and protect intellectual property rights, to achieve them we make available to the owners of copyright a contact form to request that any material published without authorization be withdrawn. The application will be reviewed and the content will be withdrawn as soon as possible.

18 USC 2257
The use of toplist18.com is exclusive for adults over (+18) years of age viewing the contents in any of our sections of the site under their full consent. It is strictly forbidden access to any person under age or that an adult facilitates, incites or allows access to any child to this or other websites exclusively for adults, this act is considered a highly serious crime.

Any real person that appears in the images presented in this site were older than 18 years at the time the images were recorded. toplist18.com is an adult entertainment site (+18) classified as a webcasting site, that is, we compile videos from third party sites (web sources) that are governed by U.S.C. 2257 of the United States.

toplist18.com is totally against any participation of minors in this and / or any other place classified for adults, reason why we can eliminate any content of our web you only have to report it and will be removed as soon as possible. Pursuant to 18 USC §2257 (h) (2) (B) (v) and 47 U.S.C. § 230 (c), site administrators, may, at their discretion, remove any material that may be deemed inappropriate, obscene, defamatory, vulgar, racist or otherwise violating 18 USC 2257.

toplist18.com is rated with RTA label. Parents, you can easily block access to this site. Please read this page for more information: http://www.rtalabel.org/index.php?content=parents

We don't collect and don't store any information about our visitors except their language and the country from which they entered our site. This information is required traffic analysis and further improvement of our site.